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Dillon Rossi


About Me

Age: 24
Birthday: March 29th
Sign: Aries
Orientation: Versatile
Joined: 2014-01-31 21:04:00
Languages: English
Location: Ask Me

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Weight: 73kg (161lbs)
Height: 182cm (6ft 0in)
Cock: 22cm (9in)
Pubic Hair: Natural
Body Type: Muscular

About Me

Photo of Dillon Rossi Photo of Dillon Rossi Photo of Dillon Rossi
I like the outdoors i'm very athletic so to be in one place for to long is a problem for me. I also like guys who have the same drive as me and are willing to go out roll around and get a little dirty cause showers are fun anyways.

My Turn-ons

I am obsessed with my tv shows trueblood, game of thrones, vampire diaries, and also American horror story. I'm also obsessed with s and public affection its a big world so why should we be stuck in the same one room to make love that's no fun.

My Fantasies

I've always wanted to be held down by a large group and not be used for there pleasure but they want nothing more then to give me pleasure. Lot's of rubbing kissing and of course fun outfits :)

Recent Reviews

willyam on March 12, 2014:   This guy is the real deal. A body that is 100% sex, and great attitude. And this is not the first thing you normally notice on this site, but HIS EYES. Hot all over inside and out.

ryan.36 on March 12, 2014:   one hot stud

xarkon on February 24, 2014:   WOW. WOW. WOW. Dillon's cock is big enough to make a bull steer squirm. And what a sweet and gorgeous guy, too! Just had a Group Chat with him and he was amazing and accommodating with requests; he gave excellent views of his cock, his ass, even his armpits.

superstar8642 on February 13, 2014:   Oh MAN Thank you so much.

What can i say. Only positive words. .... It is done my first Prvt with an Porn Star. God i was so nervous . And Dillon was so sweet, nice and in one word Perfect. So friendly. There was nothing i have not enjoy. When i wrote here Porn Star. I know this guy since his first scene for Cockyboys. From that time he is one of my No1s. And that are not so ...

Citeron on February 11, 2014:   Found Dillon here was an amazing surprise.
Everyone loves to find a cute and sexy guy, but the real wonder is how nice he is. I have to opportunity to chat with him and he was really polite and clever. I know, that's the sentence that you used to "sell" your best friend "not so handsome" but were talking about a guy hot as hell with a disarming smile and great ...

capp2004 on February 10, 2014:   HOT!!!

Interguy on February 6, 2014:   OH MY GOD.
I was in his chat some Minutes. When someone ask me for my favorite gaypornstars. I have some No1. stars. And there are the most @cockyboys. And Dillon Rossi is one of them since i have seen him the first time. But i never believed that a guy is so friendly in a chat. (im to nervous to do a pvt at the moment) but that was amazing sweet. Thank you MAN. Love ya!! Im no ...

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Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
My First Time with a Pornstar
My First Time with a Pornstar
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show
Dillon Rossi Private Webcam Show